CERADBUD was founded in 2005 as a registered partnership. It is the owner of a brickyard with over 50 years of tradition, located in Radoszyce (former Cegielnia CERAMRAD brickyard), specialised in production of high quality traditional red building ceramics and clays. The company also excavates and processes ceramic clay and supplies it to plants producing various ceramic products. The offer is supplemented by an on-line building store, whose product range covers products manufactured in the brickyard, including, above all, ceramic building materials. Many years of experience of the owners, based on family traditions; highly qualified staff; customer care; and the highest quality of products are the primary assets of the company.


 cegła pełna

The first question one asks when attempting to build a house is about the materials to be used. There is a vast array of products available on the market and all of them are highly recommended by their manufacturers listing numerous characteristics which are not always known, not always reliable and verified.

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ul. Mickiewicza 22

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Phone +48 41 373 53 51
Mobile +48 601 470 180
E-mail: office@ceradbud.pl

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