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The first question one asks when attempting to build a house is about the materials to be used. There is a vast array of products available on the market and all of them are highly recommended by their manufacturers listing numerous characteristics which are not always known, not always reliable and verified.


It is extremely easy to get lost in the amount of information and this is true for individual investors as well as for expert developers or building entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, the answer is pretty simple! The best house is always built using ceramics. Ceramics is a building material which has been tested for centuries since it was discovered in Mesopotamia several thousands years ago. Not only wonderful temples and magnate mansions but also any other buildings in the ancient and medieval times were built using this material. Ceramics constituted a basic material for building cities around the world also in the industrialised era. Currently, modern dwelling houses as well as public utility buildings are made of it.

Ceramics does not undergo the process of ageing - to the contrary, as a result of the technological development, ceramic material obtained additional beneficial properties, products got modern shapes, and the bricklaying techniques were developed to facilitate erecting walls quickly and smoothly. It is this ceramics which the best houses are made of. But what does a good house really mean? What are its characteristic features?

Durability and long-lasting

A house should have a stable construction, that is, walls, floors and other building elements should be able to bear the whole load and withstand all forces that may appear in the course of using it. A house should be long-lasting, which means that materials used for construction thereof should not deteriorate in the course of time.

In the case of ceramic building materials, their durability and long-lasting go hand in hand. The compression strength of ceramic materials is really high and varies form 5 to 30 Mpa, and in case of clinker products, from 35 to 60 Mpa Mainly for this reason, with correctly chosen mortar, the durability of such walls is so high. In case of walls made from ceramic hollow bricks of individual strength of 15 Mpa, the strength of the wall equals 8 Mpa. Ceramic hollow bricks can be used for building construction walls of thickness of 188, 250, and 288 mm, and in case of porous hollow bricks, the values are 188, 250, 288, 300, 380, 400 and 440 mm.

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