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The facing brick manufactured in the Radoszyce brickyard is characterized by high mechanical performance and very good aestethic value. The product is made from clay, in a traditional manner, without the addition of ashes. The product is sorted by hand, therefore the brick pallets have virtually no deficiencies.

in claddings, common and structural walls, brick columns, inner decorative walls. In the case of outdoor use brick requires impregnation.



Elewacja z cegły licówki




płytka Aspera 


The performance (clay masonry unit, HD, category II, class 25):

- configuration: solid unit
- dimensions: 250x120x65 mm (Decora); 250x105x65 mm (Aspera)
- dimensional tolerances - tolerance category: T1; range category: NPD; flatness, plane parallelism: NPD
- normalized compressive strength: average 25 N/mm2
- dimensional stability (moisture movement): NPD
- bond strength: 0,15 N/mm2 (set value)
- active soluble salts content: NPD (S0)
- reaction to fire: Euroclass A1
- water absorption: < 14 %
- water vapour diffusion coefficient: 5/10
- gross density: 1850 (D1) kg/m3
- dangerous substances: NPD
- durability against freeze-thaw: 15 cycles (test method PN-70/B-12016)
- unit weight: 3,8 kg (Decora); 3,5 kg (Aspera)
- consumption per 1 m2:  51 units

Harmonized technical specification: PN-EN 771-1:2011

Pallet quantity: 321 pcs. (Decora); 375 pcs. (Aspera)

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